Living in Penang

A practical guide for foreigners

Living in Penang is the first web property started by AHA Moments Inc founder, Daniel.  It started as a 10 page document that he received with some suggestions on where to shop.  This seemed inadequate to actually living here, in Penang, and so Daniel and his family started collecting the wisdom of those around them to build the information on the site.

Besides some articles about where to shop and where to find doctors and dentists, there are articles about the kinds of food available.  There are articles about the culture and languages of the people living in Penang.

And there are articles about things you need to know about living in Penang.  You need to know things about having a baby, and getting the paperwork done so that that baby can have a passport.

These articles are written from the perspective of an American in Penang.  Hope it is useful to visitors and residents alike.